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The Open Days of the LIFE AGREMSOIL

The Open Days of the LIFE AGREMSOIL project were held on May…
11 May, 2022/by IDC_Ruben

Representatives of LIFE-AGREMSO3IL project have attended the workshop Save Our Soils – Decision supporting tools towards SDG’s policy implementation

The event was held in University of Napoli Federico II during…
27 April, 2022/by IDC_Ruben

AGREMSOIL’s soil treatment system will be put in practice in one of the FRUCA farms in July

On April 1st, 2022, Novedades Agricolas y IMIDA visited the AgremSoil…
5 April, 2022/by admin

Soil Health Initiative – protecting, sustainably managing and restoring EU soils

The European Commission, through DG Environment (Unit D1 Land Use & Management) is working in a new initiative on Soil Health in order to contribute to the overall goals of the European Green Deal.
16 March, 2022/by admin

LIFE AgremSO3il project attended the Soil Mission Support Workshop

Agremsoil has attended the Soil Mission Support Workshop on the EU Soil Mission objective "Reduce the EU's global footprint on soils", on March 15, 2022, contributing to ideas and opinions on different aspects on reducing the EU's global footprint on soils.
16 March, 2022/by admin

AGREMSOIL project attendance at Ozone webinar

On February 17th, NOVAGRIC and IMIDA took part in the webinar ‘Ozone and its use in agriculture’ organized by the Technology Transfer Service of the Murcia Regional Directorate on Agriculture managing the Measure 1 (Knowledge Transfer) of the Rural Development Program.
10 March, 2022/by admin


On March 2nd, AGREMSOIL participated in the ANUKIS workshop, organized by the University of Almería and the Research Center of Solar Energy, CIESOL. The project objectives and recent results were explained to the attendees and also to the audience connected to this hybrid webinar.
10 March, 2022/by admin

LIFE AgremSO3il project has been presented at Agroexpo 2022

Novagric attended the Agroexpo 2022 International Fair, which…
8 March, 2022/by admin

A new greenhouse assay sheds light on the effects of irrigation with ozonated water in soil fertility, biodiversity and plant growth

Soil biodiversity is key to maintain ecosystem services and soil…
8 March, 2022/by admin

Field trials on real farm conditions

The project LIFE Agremso3il aims at the remediation of pesticide…
19 January, 2022/by admin

Networking Session of European Projects

With the aim of fostering cooperation and networking among different…
2 December, 2021/by admin

iWATERMAP beneficiaries visit IMIDA

Participants of iWATERMAP project visited IMIDA facilities on…
10 November, 2021/by admin

LIFE-AGREMSO3IL meeting with FRUCA Marketing, S.L.

On 4th November, representatives of the LIFE-AGREMSO3IL project…
8 November, 2021/by admin

LIFE-AGREMSO3IL networking meeting with Águilas town Council

On October 28th, 2021, LIFE-AgremSO3IL representatives met in…
3 November, 2021/by admin

LIFE-AgremSO3il in SECH2021 Conference

The LIFE-AgremSO3il project participated in the 16th edition…
27 October, 2021/by admin

Great acceptance of the LIFE AgremSO3il, Sustainable Agriculture project, at the Fruit Attraction fair.

Novagric attended this great event with more than 65,000 professionals…
15 October, 2021/by admin

The AgRemSO3il prototype was unveiled to it stakeholders

10 June, 2021/by admin

First tests with AGREMSO3IL Prototype give promising results

Essays carried out in practical real conditions using AGREMSOIL…
18 December, 2020/by admin

The World Soil Day – Agremso3il effects

The AGREMSOIL project has evaluated the effects of ozonisation…
4 December, 2020/by admin

How AGREMSOIL project mitigates soil and water pollution

28 August, 2020/by admin

Prototype transfer

5 July, 2020/by admin

LIFE AgRemSO3il in the LIFE Platform meeting on Waste-Water Treatment

The LIFE-AGREMSO3IL project attended the LIFE Platform meeting…
3 February, 2020/by admin

LIFE AgRemSO3il in the LIFE PureAgroH2O Conference

The LIFE-AGREMSO3IL project atended the 1st LIFE PureAgroH2O…
19 January, 2020/by admin

First results of LIFE AgRemSO3il experiments with small prototype

Initial tests, performed during last year, using a small prototype…
9 January, 2020/by admin

LIFE AgRemSO3il at LIFE Platform Meeting on Chemicals

The LIFE-AGREMSO3IL project attended the LIFE Platform Meeting…
2 December, 2019/by admin

LIFE AgRemSO3il at Fruit Attraction 2019

The LIFE-AGREMSO3IL project was represented at the international…
25 October, 2019/by admin

Networking with LIFE Ecosens Aquamonitrix project

On 8th October, IMIDA held a meeting with the researchers at…
10 October, 2019/by admin

LIFE AgRemSO3il Noticeboard has been installed outside one of the greenhouses in Finca Torre Blanca – Murcia, Spain.

The AgRemSO3il noticeboard has been installed outside one of…
24 September, 2019/by agremso3il

LIFE AgRemSO3il at the International Conference on Catalysis, Advanced Chemical Engineering and Technology

LIFE AgRemSO3il participated in the International Conference…
9 September, 2019/by admin

Experiment in greenhouse with AgRemSO3il small prototype

On August, 2019, it has started the solarization/ozonation…
26 August, 2019/by admin

LIFE AgRemSO3il at the 6th IDIES congress

Students from IES Juan Carlos I (Murcia) presented the communication…
28 June, 2019/by admin

LIFE AgRemSO3il in the EIP-AGRI of the European Commission

Information about the AgRemSO3il project has been published in…
25 June, 2019/by agremso3il

LIFE AgRemSO3il at the 3rd International Congress of Chemical Engineering

LIFE AgRemSO3il participated in the 3rd International Congress…
23 June, 2019/by admin

LIFE AgRemSO3il participates in the International Symposium on Green Chemistry

LIFE AgRemSO3il was present at the International Symposium on…
17 May, 2019/by agremso3il

LIFE AgRemSO3il First visit from the external monitoring team NEEMO

On February 28th, 2019 the first visit from the external monitoring…
28 February, 2019/by admin

LIFE AgRemSO3il at LIFE-EMPORE workshop

Members of the LIFE-AgRemSO3il project were present at the workshop…
12 February, 2019/by agremso3il

LIFE AgRemSO3il at Fruit Logistica 2019

Fruit Logistica opened its doors once again this year at the…
8 February, 2019/by agremso3il

Degradation experiments in controlled conditions

With the aim of improving the ozonation method, IMIDA have carried…
25 January, 2019/by agremso3il

LIFE-AgRemSO3il technical meeting

A technical meeting between some of the LIFE-AgRemSO3il beneficiaries…
10 January, 2019/by agremso3il

LIFE-AgRemSO3il at LIFE Drainuse Final Conference

IMIDA was invited to take part in the Final conference of the…
29 November, 2018/by agremso3il

LIFE AgRemSO3il Kick-off meeting with the Contracting Authority

On November 6th and 7th, 2018 two of the AgRemSO3il partners…
8 November, 2018/by admin

Preliminary experiments with AgRemSO3il small prototype

On August 2018, soil decontamination tests began on a greenhouse…
3 August, 2018/by agremso3il

CSIC is evaluating the influence of ozone in the soil microbial quality

CSIC is using different approaches to evaluate the influence…
1 August, 2018/by admin

LIFE AgRemSO3il Kick-off meeting with the Consortium

On July 3rd, 2018 the AgRemSO3il consortium, IMIDA, CSIC, NOVAGRIC…
4 July, 2018/by admin