Networking Session of European Projects

With the aim of fostering cooperation and networking among different European projects which are being carried out by CEBAS-CSIC and IMIDA, the partner meeting took place on November 23, 2021 at the premises of CEBAS. The goal was to disseminate the results and establish potential links between the ongoing projects. The participants have agreed that the networking and similar meetings could generate new ideas and projects in the future. The following projects were presented:

  1. LIFE AGREMSO3IL– Agrochemical remediation on farm soils by combining solarization and ozonation techniques;
  2. LIFE AQUEMFREE– In-farm remediation of agro-waste water with pesticides from remnants, cleaning and rinse by solar photocatalysis;
  3. LIFE DRY4GAS– Waste Water sludge solar DRYing FOR energy recovery through gasification GAS;
  4. LIFE AgroPaper – Towards to zero plastic soil management agricultural practices;
  5. H2020 PhenolAcTwin– Enhancing Research and Innovation Capacity of TUBITAK MRC Food Institute on Dietary Polyphenols and Biovailability/Bioefficiency;
  6. H2020 Diverfarming– Crop diversification and low-input farming cross Europe: from practitioners’ engagement and ecosystems services to increased revenues and value chain organization;
  7. EJP Soil- ∑OMMIT– Sustainable management of soil organic matter to mitigate trade-offs between C sequestration and nitrous oxide, methane and nitrate losses;
  8. EIT Food. Black to the future – biochar and compost as soil amendment.