LIFE AgremSO3il meeting FRUCA

LIFE-AGREMSO3IL meeting with FRUCA Marketing, S.L.

On 4th November, representatives of the LIFE-AGREMSO3IL project held a meeting with José Rosa Cardús and Fulgencio Wadi Aguilar, Operations Manager and Quality & Environment Coordinator of FRUCA Marketing, S.L., respectively, to discuss and schedule the tasks to be carried out by each participant in the replication essay that will be conducted in one of its farms next summer.

This company was originated in 1986 when it began distributing fresh vegetables and citrus fruits. Since that time it has become one of the market leaders in Europe with 6 product ranges: lettuces, endives, melons, watermelons, citrus fruits and capsicums. It controls the supply chain, from seed selection to the arrival of final products at the destination markets. Fruca Marketing holds the European cross-check EMAS III based on rules CE/1221/2009. Its strong environmental commitment is displayed by the optimization of production processes in order to reduce environmental impacts and make a more effective use of resources.

FRUCA Exports Map