PEsticide Reduction using Friendly and Environmentally Controlled Technologies

The PERFECT LIFE project gets its name from the acronym PEsticide Reduction using Friendly and Environmentally Controlled Technologies. It is funded with the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the EU and it has been running since September 2018.

The main goal of this project is to demonstrate that it is possible to achieve the reduction of the environmental contamination of pesticides and their metabolites in the air using Optimal Volume Rate Adjustment tools (OVRA) and Spray Drift Reducing Tools (SDRT) which will lead to a decrease of the pesticide risk for fauna, flora and human beings. Farmers and pesticide applicators can use those tools to reduce and optimize the amount of sprayed product saving money and reducing the spray drift losses to the atmosphere, without affecting harvest.

This project has demonstrative and disseminative purposes. To accomplish their objectives the researchers, technicians, farmers, and the rest of the participants of the project, have been working so hard since the beginning, as can be seen in the pictures took during a field campaign performed in a Valencia’s citrus orchard.


Besides, in the next pictures, it can be seen the laboratory experiments that the Coordinator of the project (CEAM) carries out to research the European PHOtoREactor (EUPHORE) outdoor atmospheric simulation chambers for testing the atmospheric lifetime of pesticides, its degradation products like emulsifiers, solvents, carriers, aerosol propellants, coadjutants and, tensioactives.

To see more info about this interesting project, visit their webpage ( and read the agricultural section of the yearbook of the ‘ElMundo’ national newspaper (just in Spanish language).