LIFE AgRemSO3il Stakeholders Platform

What is the AGREMSOIL Stakeholder Platform?

The stakeholder platform has the main aim of providing advice and recommendations to the consortium about the project strategy based in their knowledge of soil remediation. It was foreseen to be formed by a maximum of 8 members, representing farm business, policy makers and public bodies, as well as researchers and other fields of expertise.

The role of the stakeholder platform is thus to be project strategic advisor through meetings and informal communications, either in person or on-line, either all together or in smaller groups. The first meeting had the main aim to explain the project, and the following ones were devoted to a project follow-up. It was foreseen a final one where to present the final results and promote a participatory debate on farm soil pollution and how to break down barriers to boost the implementation of emerging technologies such as AGREMSOIL.

The stakeholder platform had three approaches: technical, commercial and legal.

  1. The objective of the platform is to contribute to the technical development of AGREMSOIL technology. This approach served as a technical advisory board on the development of the AGREMSOIL solution with special interest on removing technical barriers and propose uses not considered under the scope of AGREMSOIL project.
  2. The commercial approach of the stakeholder platform provided information and tools for the promotion and awareness regarding the project results and future uses of the AGREMSOIL system, e.g., interest, needs and requirements of farmers to implement this novel remediation technology.
  3. The inclusion of an expert on legal issues facilitated the development of the “governance actions” aimed at making the relevant authorities in the EU aware of the availability of new solutions for soil decontamination, demonstrated through the implementation of our project.


Company/Entity Person involved
1 BONDUELLE Responsible for vegetable crops
2 SURINVER Responsible for vegetable crops
3 FRUCA Responsible for vegetable crops
4 CDTA El Mirador Responsible for experimental farm
5 Servicio Sanidad Vegetal CARM Head of the Service
6 Expo Águilas Cooperative technician
7 Expo Águilas Field technician
8 Expo Águilas Demo farm owner
9 Expo Águilas Cooperative manager
10 CIFEA Torre Pacheco Director
11 CIFEA Lorca Director
12 Ayuntamiento de Águilas Concejal Agricultura, Pesca, Pedanías, Zonas verdes y Mercado
13 Ayuntamiento de Águilas Concejal de Turismo, Educación Ambiental, Comercio, Industria y Plazas de Abastos
14 Servicio Transferencia Tecnológica y Formación  CARM Head of the Service