LIFE AgRemSO3il at LIFE Platform Meeting on Chemicals

The LIFE-AGREMSO3IL project attended the LIFE Platform Meeting on Chemicals held in Vilnius (Lithuania) between 28th and 30th November. This event was hosted by the LIFE project “LIFE Fit for REACH” (LIFE14 ENV/LV000174).

The project participated in the Eco-innovation for reduced production and use of hazardous chemicals workshop with the oral presentation: The silent problem of pesticide residues.


LIFE AgRemSO3il at Fruit Attraction 2019

The LIFE-AGREMSO3IL project was represented at the international fruit and vegetable trade show, Fruit Attraction 2019, held at IFEMA, Madrid, between 22th and 24th October.

Project beneficiaries attended the country’s most significant agricultural sector event.

The LIFE-AgRemSO3il project was represented at the trade show by IMIDA and NOVAGRIC.


Networking with LIFE Ecosens Aquamonitrix project

On 8th October, IMIDA held a meeting with the researchers at the San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM) who participate in the LIFE Ecosens Aquamonitrix project.

The project aims to demonstrate, through the design, construction and setting up of a cost effective portable water monitoring integrated solution for the Water sector. The innovative device will be able to carry out a near-continuous analysis of water sources, monitoring the indicators of water quality, in different environments and climates.



LIFE AgRemSO3il at the International Conference on Catalysis, Advanced Chemical Engineering and Technology

LIFE AgRemSO3il participated in the International Conference on Catalysis, Advanced Chemical Engineering and Technology, ICCA 2019, held in Valencia, Spain, between 5th and 7th September.

Researchers from IMIDA presented the work entitled “Degradation of twelve pesticides in soil by intermittent ozonation treatment”.


LIFE AgRemSO3il at the 6th IDIES congress

Students from IES Juan Carlos I (Murcia) presented the communication “Application of ozonation technique for the removal of thiamethoxam residues in farm soils” in the 6th edition of IDIES congress, held at Auditorio Víctor Villegas (Murcia) on 25thJune. The work was tutored by J. Fenoll (LIFE-AgRemSO3il, IMIDA), M. Aliste (IMIDA) and A.A. Sánchez (IES Juan Carlos I).

IDIES is an educational project of initiation to research focuses in secondary school students. The main objective is that students learn what is research and how must be performed, collaborating with researchers of different institutions. After a training period, students will disseminate their results (via oral and poster communication) in IDIES congress. At the moment it participates 10 secondary schools (from Mazarrón, Murcia, Alcantarilla, San Javier, Molina de Segura, Archena and Lorca) and 5 institutions: 2 research centers (CEBAS-CSIS, IMIDA) and 3 universities (UMU-Murcia, UPCT-Cartagena and UMH-Elche).

LIFE AgRemSO3il at the 3rd International Congress of Chemical Engineering

LIFE AgRemSO3il participated in the 3rd International Congress of Chemical Engineering, ICCE3, held in Santander, Spain, between 19th and 21th June.

Researchers from IMIDA presented the work entitled “Removal of eight triazole and amide pesticides in soil by intermittent ozonation”.

The presentation covers degradation of residues of eight pesticides (difenoconazole, myclobutanil, tebuconazole, triadimenol, cyflufenamid, flonicamid, napropamide and propyzamide) in two different clay-loam soils applying intermittent ozonation treatment during 6 days.

LIFE AgRemSO3il participates in the International Symposium on Green Chemistry

LIFE AgRemSO3il was present at the International Symposium on Green Chemistry, ISGC 2019, held in La Rochelle, France, between 13th and 17th May.

Researchers from IMIDA presented a work entitled “Remediation of soils contaminated with neonicotinoid insecticides by intermittent ozonation”.

LIFE AgRemSO3il at LIFE-EMPORE workshop

Members of the LIFE-AgRemSO3il project were present at the workshop “TRATAMIENTO Y ELIMINACIÓN DE CONTAMINANTES EMERGENTES EN EFLUENTES DE ESTACIONES DEPURADORAS URBANAS”, held on 12th February at Complejo Deportivo – Cultural La Petxina (Valencia). The event was organised by the project LIFE-EMPORE (LIFE15 ENV/ES/000598) to present their results and compare their achievements with other LIFE projects (Clean-Up and Aquemfree).

IMIDA was invited to take part with the presentation: LIFE AQUEMFREE. Descontaminación in situ de aguas residuales de procedencia agrícola mediante fotocatálisis solar. As a part of the communication, IMIDA included the presentation of the project LIFE- AgRemSO3il, the objectives and first steps of its implementation, once it is in the line of treating emerging pollutants though in this case, from the soil.

LIFE AgRemSO3il at Fruit Logistica 2019

Fruit Logistica opened its doors once again this year at the exhibition grounds in Berlin between 6th and 8th February for what has become known as the most significant agricultural trade show in Europe.

The presence of Spain – and Murcia, of course – stood out and Fruit Logistica once again displayed its ability to draw in the crowds with the presence of representatives from all five continents.

The LIFE-AgRemSO3il project was represented at the trade show by IMIDA

Degradation experiments in controlled conditions

With the aim of improving the ozonation method, IMIDA have carried out more experiments at laboratory scale in controlled conditions.

Ozone tests were developed in a glass container (volume 150 L) connected to the small-scale ozone generator. All assays were carried out using a pyrex glass vessels (110 mm long, 80 mm diameter) containing 100 g of two different soils spiked with a mixture of pesticides.

Ozonation treatment was applied to both soils at a fixed ozone concentration. A control experiment was also conducted using soil not exposed to ozonation.