• A. Preparatory actions
    A1 Optimization of the remediation method
    A2 Engineering and Design of the Prototype
  • B. Implementation actions
    B1 Manufacturing and Optimization of the Prototype
    B2 Ozonation Effect on Soil Quality
    B3 Agronomical Effects of Soil Ozonation Strategies
    B4 On-farm demonstration and methodology to set up the LIFE AgRemSO3il technology in other locations
    B5 Design and Implementation of the Replicability and Transferability Plan
  • C. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions
    C1 Monitoring of the AgRemSO3il effects
    C2 Economic and Environmental Assesment (LCA)
    C3 Project Performance Indicators
  • D. Public awareness and dissemination of results
    D1 Public Awareness and Dissemination of Project Results
  • E. Project management
    E1 Project Management by IMIDA
    E2 Financial and Administrative Management
    E3 After-Life Plan