LIFE 17 ENV/ES/000205

PERFECT (PEsticide Reduction using Friendly and Environmentally Controlled Technologies) is a European project funded by the European Commission’s Life programme which started in September 2018 and will end in September 2022.
The main objective is to demonstrate that it is possible to reduce environmental pollution by pesticides and their associated metabolites in the air, by means of Optimum Broth Volume Adjustment tools (OVRA) and Drift Reduction Technologies (SDRT), reducing the risk to fauna, flora and humans. Also, to develop a new ultra-fast, sensitive and high temporal resolution technology for the analysis of pesticides, evaluating its application from a human health point of view and in real agricultural conditions.

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LIFE17 ENV/GR/000387

“Pollutant Photo-NF remediation of Agro-Water”

Micropollutants (industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, endocrine disruptors, biocides, pesticides, hormones), emerge as a new class of bioactive and persistent contaminants, that cannot be fully eliminated in conventional Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs). Novel solutions for end of pipe removal of micropollutants before reaching a WWTP or retrofit a WWTP and allow for water reuse are needed.

The key objective of the  LIFE PureAgroH2O project is to develop and demonstrate a novel purification system for the sustainable management of the end-of-the-pipe wastewater effluents generated in fruit & vegetable industry, the prevention of losses of various inorganic and organic contaminants to the environment and the recycle/reuse of the purified water. To achieve the objective, a close-to- market, patented water purification system with the ability to effectively recycle 15 m3/day of real agro-wastewater will be developed demonstrated and commercialised.

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