The AgRemSO3il System is a combination of solarization and ozonation techniques for farm soil remediation and disinfection.


Ozonation generates hydroxyl radicals with the help of light radiation to attack and destroy any organic molecules to CO2, H2O and mineral salts.


Solarization is based on the placement of a transparent plastic on the floor during the summer months, when temperature and light radiation are more intense.

Did you know?

In Europe around 395.000 tonnes of pesticides are consumed per year, where Spain is the first one, followed by France and Germany.

According to the Eurostat data

Concentrations of pesticides exceeding the regulatory level are generally detected in groundwater underlying areas of intensive agriculture.

According to the Eurostat data

In Europe there is a surface of around 10,224Mha irrigated at least once a year.

According to the Eurostat data

Spain, Greece, Italy, France and Portugal are the countries where the drop irrigation system is most used across Europe.

According to the Eurostat data



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